Meet the Team

None of this can be possible without my little team full of love. Here are the incredible people who continue to help make this munchkin dream a possibility!

Mr. B (since 2015 and earlier)

You don't hear or see much of him, but Mr. B (my husband!) has been the wind beneath my wings since day. When the idea of running a sticker shop came up, he encouraged me to go for it!
He was there when I unboxed my first Silhouette machine; he was there when I started my Instagram account; he was there when I launched my Etsy shop; he was there when I made my first sale. He was there for every bit of it. Not only that, he was there to help me figure out all the bumps along the road as well. When the machines weren't working, he was troubleshooting. When I was stressed, he got me bubbletea. When I was busy drawing, he would help me cut stickers. He never let me feel alone for a single moment.
Even though Mr. B was never a real employee for my small business (he works in finance), he probably spent the most time helping me build my business. He would work 9-5 at his job, bus over to my parents' home, then help me cut stickers until midnight or later. Even on the weekends, we worked. We did this for 4+ years and it was exhausting in every sense of the word but we wanted to take advantage of the momentum my small business was gaining. There were so many moments when I wanted to give up, but to have someone by my side who saw my potential and was willing to work this hard just to support my dream meant the world to me. It kept me going when I felt overwhelmed or had thoughts about closing the shop. We all have Mr. B to thank for where my shop is today!
Fun fact: Mr. B set the standard for our stickers. He was VERY picky about cut lines and that's why you'll notice that even our oops bag sheets are always still really good quality! Most people can't even see what's wrong with them! :P

Meet Mama Munchkin (since 2016)

The one and only! This is my mom, and everything I have ever accomplished is truly thanks to her. She raised me and my sisters with so much love and care that we never doubted our own worth. Her confidence in us and our abilities made us believe in ourselves too, so that we can carve our own paths and make our own choices. Her unwavering support is something we are so incredibly lucky to have.

Even at the beginning of my shop when I spent weeks seemingly dawdling on my computer (I was working on my Etsy shop but she had no idea), she never rushed me. She gave me the time I needed to figure out what I wanted and that opened the doors to OnceMoreWithLove.

Now, Mama Munchkin helps with order fulfillment and a lot of tying up of loose ends that I leave behind! :P 

Meet Papa Munchkin (since 2016)

Here he is... my dad! He may look grumpy sometimes but he really is the most patient and gentle soul. He puts soooooooo much care into everything he does. Attention to detail is always a top priority for him, so when you receive your orders with stickers that are perfectly spread out with equal distance between the sheets, you'll know Papa Munchkin packed your order!

Sadly his eyesight is not the greatest anymore (he has retina detachment and high blood pressure which affects his eyes) so lately I have been trying to shift him to other tasks that don't require so much strain on the eyes. When he's not packing orders or prepping packing cards, you can usually find him in the garden!

Meet Clare (since 2017) 

Hmm what to say about Clare... I've known Clare since we were little girls but she was shy and I was shy, so we never really interacted much. She did, however, end up becoming best friends with my super loud sister! 

Clare started as a part-timer for my shop. She came over one day to visit my sister and we got to talking about stickers and she was interested in helping. Eventually she moved from part time to full time and I'm so grateful she stuck around with me because I would not be able to do this without her! She is our pro in-house production master - she does 99% of ALL the sticker printing and cutting and helps with pulling and packaging orders as well!

I always tease her about her height (she is not really that short) so you may notice I drew her munchkin a liiiiiiittle shorter hehe :P She also loves plants and basically lives in comfy sweats now!

Meet Tina (since 2020)

Oh Tina, Tina, Tina! She is the newest addition to the OMWL team as our office manager. Originally a counsellor of a couple prestigious local private schools, Tina decided to switch gears to the creative field and join me in spreading the munchkin love! She is now my right-hand munchkin and if you have ever sent us emails, you may have talked to her too!

Tina is one of the kindest and weirdest (in the best way) people I know. She loves anything chubby and goofy, and fills her home with as much of that as possible. I once saw a chubby stuffed chicken on top of her fireplace and mentioned that I didn't realize she liked chickens. Then she told me that she doesn't really like chickens... she just loves chubby things! I love that she lives life with no holds barred and is continually looking to for more ways to share and feel love. She is a great reminder for me to not make myself small and to live out loud.

She has also become my bubbletea partner as we often sneak out to get bubbletea when Mama and Papa Munchkin aren't noticing :P