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OnceMoreWithLove began in November of 2015. It began during a time when my life was a mess. I had a Bachelor's degree in Biology from UBC, quit dental school, thought I would enjoy working in visual effects and actually got my name on some big screen credits but then, realized that I didn't like it as much as I had hoped. All this plus a myriad of part-time jobs in graphics, condo pre-sales, health clinics, and the list goes on... I simply didn't feel the passion. One day, a close friend showed me her Erin Condren planner and asked me to make some stickers for her. On a whim, I agreed and it turned out that I was much more excited about designing stickers than I could have imagined. I was able to express myself in way that I couldn't before and it made me feel so alive! At that moment, I realized that nothing ever felt right for me because there was no love. I was not in love with my education, my degrees, or my fancy jobs. So no matter how much I excelled at any of them, I was never satisfied. But now, I've decided to try this again. 

Once more, with love.



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