and how it may affect your orders

Effective July 1, 2021, all import orders to the EU and UK are subject to VAT (value added tax) and handling fees regardless of order cost. There is no longer a threshold for exempt taxes. However, depending on the items you purchase, your order may or may not be affected.

If your order only contains flat paper items and is...

  • UNDER 50g which is approximately ~$30USD or less based on regular sized stickers sheets only (not kits or large sheets or sticker books or sticky notes), your order will ship as untracked LETTERMAIL which should not incur taxes of fees or by stopped by customs.*
  • OVER 50g which is more than ~$30USD worth of stickers, your order will be shipped as a PARCEL due to this increase in weight. Parcels are subject to VAT when it arrives in your country.
**If you are unsure how much your order weighs, you can email us at after placing your order and we can let you know if there are certain items we can remove (such as the journaling card or freebies) to keep the weight under 50g. If not, we will let you know that your order must be shipped as a parcel.

If your order contains bulky items such as washi tape, pens, pins, keychains, albums, stuffies, etc...

  • Your order will ship as an untracked PARCEL which will be subject to VAT when it arrives in your country. Since we currently do not have the means to collect and remit VAT for you, you will most likely be required to pick up your package at your local post office and pay for taxes and handling fees there.

If your order contains a tracking upgrade...

  • If you purchase TRACKING to the EU/UK, no matter the items in your order, your order will be shipped as a PARCEL which will incur taxes when it reaches your country.


We know the hassle of picking up packages and having to pay for taxes plus handling fees is no fun, so a lot of our international customers have found SHIPPING FORWARDERS to consolidate their packages instead.

What this means is that you place an order from us, ship it to a forwarding company (usually in the USA), and once they receive your order(s), they will bundle it all together and ship it in ONE BOX to you. You will be charged a fee from these forwarders, but the amount you save in postage by shipping all orders to the US vs. internationally will be worth the savings.

Here are a couple reputable and reliable forwarders that many of our customers already use and trust:



My Mall Box